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Message Subject How can I go beyond "fallen away Catholic" to "not Catholic"?
Poster Handle Carshy McCarsh
Post Content
(inhales through teeth in a hissing sound, making a face of uncomfortable disdain)...

Uh. Hmm. This is going to sound so odd.

Accept the fact that Yeshua Meschiach is your personal sacrifice on the altar of Forgiveness who covers the sin of your human existence as a complete failure on the path toward perfection.

It's a...it's a free gift that doesn't count on anything you've done beyond existing.


It sounds so crazy.

And it's all that matters.

 Quoting: Carshy McCarsh

The above isn't true, sounds like...

Messianic Judaism or one of her break aways (all, Protestant sects)

Here we go again, use a few Old Testament words while
you preach Protestantism. Taking the easy way using the
heresy of Jesus did it all on the Cross, His perfect sacrifice is
imputed to you, your sins are covered because you are
completely depraved (completely depraved, another heresy).

And you're in.

And there is a difference between the word redemption and justification. Jesus opened
Heaven, He redeemed mankind. Justification, our salvation
is a life long, persevering till the end.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20541213

You're theologically crazy, unnecessarily burdened, and you strive to burden others with your crazy man-made religion.

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