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Message Subject How can I go beyond "fallen away Catholic" to "not Catholic"?
Poster Handle Mix Thoroughly
Post Content
Have given this a lot of thought. Truth is, there are NO Catholics. Those in the fold are the ones who drove us away. As soon as we left, the fold was no longer complete. Catholicism does not exist. I could really go on about what "THEY" did. But you have heard it all.

My thought is, until they create a "TURNING CATHOLICS" program, of which, everyone is a part, the fold remains scattered. Scattered is better, for now. Soon though, I expect the Catholic "mainstream" to wake up. Some are already aware. It is a flowing stream. More than, we decide for God every day. It is a flowing stream of acclimating to EACH OTHER as well.

Most are "good with God". Some are also "good with themselves". Hardly anyone is "good with other children of God". Turning Catholics will learn to appreciate all the differences rather than continually try to lead to "hold the Fort". They will expire and only a remnant will be left to "turn." But eventually we will.

Nobody is, or ever will be, a returning Catholic, that would be impossible. Nobody is Catholic.

The meaning of Pope John the II's phrase, "Do not be afraid."
is understood as, "Do not be afraid, you are not Catholic."

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