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Message Subject How can I go beyond "fallen away Catholic" to "not Catholic"?
Poster Handle Gali
Post Content
Some suggestions:

1—Tell anyone who cares to listen that you are not a “fallen away” anything, but a graduate. You could say, “Formerly I was in grade school, where we were expected to believe anything we were told, without question, without thinking. I graduated from grade school, and now I am in high school. Here, truth is more important to me than blind belief. I am now a truth seeker.”

2--- Read the following quote to anyone who cares to listen:
“But we ought not to believe what Reason authoritatively denies, that at which the sense of right revolts, that which is absurd or self-contradictory, or at issue with experience or science, or that which degrades the character of the Deity, and would make Him revengeful, malignant, cruel, or unjust.” (Taken from the book Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike) Then point out that the Catholic faith does all of the above.
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