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Message Subject Replace ONE word from a MOVIE/VIDEO game title with the word"shit"
Poster Handle BlueSage 13
Post Content
The hand that rocks the shit. :D [the hand that rocks the cradle]

13 shits. [Quasi, "13" movie w/ jim carrey]

Shits Play. [Childs Play]

So I married a shit murderer. [So I married an Axe murderer]

Shit. [Titanic-- LOL]

Godlike Shits. [GLP]

The Vampire Shits. [The Vampire Diaries]

Hot Shits, Part Deux. [Hot Shots]

Shit, Phone Home. [ET Phone Home]

Steel Shits. [Steel Magnolias]

Taxicab Shits. [Taxicab Confessions]

Red Shit Diaries. [Red Shoe Diaries]

That was fun lol. 5a
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