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Message Subject Replace ONE word from a MOVIE/VIDEO game title with the word"shit"
Poster Handle Ahhhhhhshhhhiiiiiiit
Post Content

Heres some classic disney :D

Snow white and the seven shits
Alice in shit
The story of robin hood and his merrie shit
Shit pan
Shit and the tramp
Old shit
The shit trap
Shit in toyland
101 shits
Almost shit
Moon shit
Miracle of the white shit (HAHAHAHA!)
Shit red
Bon shit
Shit of flubber
The sword in the shit
Savage shit
Shit magic
The incredible shit
A tiger shits
Shits poppin (merry poppins)
The shit uncle
That darn shit
Follow me, shit!
Shit, go home
The jungle shit
The shit book
Never a dull shit

Part 2 coming soon!!
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