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Message Subject Replace ONE word from a MOVIE/VIDEO game title with the word"shit"
Poster Handle Ohhh shit
Post Content
Part 2 classic disney

The barefoot shit
Scandalous shit
The computer wore shit shoes
Shit and broomsticks
The million dollar shit
Napoleon and shit
Run, shit, run
Now you see shit, now you dont
The shit eater
Robin shit
Herbie rides shit
Shit a wild pony
One of our shits is missing
Escape to shit mountain
Freaky shit
No deposit, no shit
The many adventures of shit the pooh
Hot shit and cold feet
The shit from outer space
Midnight shit
Shiteye (popeye) or poopeye
Dragon shit
Shit slayer
Never cry shit
Where the toys shit from
Shit leads the way
The brave little shit
Honey i shrunk the shit
Duck shit: the movie
Wild shit cant be broken
Beauty and the shit
White shit
The mighty shit
Shit i blew up the kid
A shit off place
Shit bound: the incredible journey
Blank shit
Squanto: a warriors shit
Cool shit
Shit will
Shit in the outfield
The shit clause
A goofy shit
Tall shit
Heavy shit
A kid in king arthurs shit
First shit
Homeward bound 2: lost in shit
James and the giant shit

Part 3 coming soon once my stomach stops achin!
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