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Message Subject Replace ONE word from a MOVIE/VIDEO game title with the word"shit"
Poster Handle Moonlight Rambler
Post Content
Fast and Shit
Shit and Furious
Shit Hard
Die Hard 2: Shit Harder
Die Hard 3: Shit with a Vengeance
Lord of the Rings: The Shit of the Ring
Lord of the Rings: The Shit Towers
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Shit
Monty Pythons: The holy Shit
Monty Pythons: The meaning of Shit
Monty Pythons: The Shit of Brian
Monty Pythons: The Life of Shit
Star Trek The movie 2: The Shit of Khan
Star Trek The Movie 3: The Search for Shit
Star Trek The Movie 5: The Final Shit
Star Trek The Movie 6: The Undiscovered Shit
Star Trek The Movie 8: First Shit
The Running Shit
Final Fantasy: The Shit Within
Shit Alone
Jurassic Shit
Silent Shit
Power Rangers The Shit
The Great Shit
No Retreat, Shit Surrender
I Know What You Shit Last Summer
Total Shit
Kindergarten Shit
Shit Rider

Fun thread :)
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