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Hey Jan the Man Why Can't you Bitch Slap the Cartels with your 2 inch Dildo?

Pissed Mom
User ID: 9968554
United States
12/07/2012 01:16 AM
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Hey Jan the Man Why Can't you Bitch Slap the Cartels with your 2 inch Dildo?
You chicken shit fucking dyke going after Dino's Skull rather than doing your fucking job. Why don't you send your TSA fucktards in to confront the gangs/cartels? Oh, yes you would rather by spying on those of us that think you are a moran. Do your fucking job and hit the cartels with all the power you have. You chicken shit fucking bitch, you know that you won't do it. METH is the biggest fucking terrorist out there for US aka those that pay you your unearned salary. Get them dyke bitch. Oh but you are too scared as you would rather go after those that won't fight back. You fucking cunt. I have paid my taxes and am getting fucked by this fucking drug you muther fuckers have allowed to fuck us. This is so fuck you, bitch. You act like the big fucking shit but you don't take on anyone you are afraid of. YOu stupid fuckingt dyke piece of fucking shit. We are dying out here and the most evil thing is in front on your fucking carpet munching face and you do nothing. I only hope when the U.S. goes down and it will those evil fuckers fuck six ways to Sunday.