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Message Subject 1 Meter Tsunami 7.3 EQ Off Japanese Coast ; 53 After Schocks!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was at work when it hit. People around me didn't feel it at first, but then it got stronger, everything was shaking and we got outside. I was with an old lady and she was panicking, she didn't even know where to go, so I took her outside, also there were other women crying (because they thought it was like last year). I couldn't even use my phone nor my mobile internet, it had collapsed! But I knew already it was a big one, and thought there was a tsunami warning as well. After 20 minutes I could check the magnitude. To be honest, I didn't expect that the EQ was there again, I was thinking about the "Tokai" one.

Anyway, people were nervous, I didn't even feel the overtime I did at work (1 hour), time passed flying. But when I was heading home I could see lot of cars at the gas stations, more than normal, good thing I sent a message to my husband to put gas too.

This time I wasn't that nervous because I felt like I was prepared, I have all my emergency kit ready, extra food and water, etc. People were commenting that we could have more strong EQs, I hope they won't be nothing like last year!
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