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Message Subject 1 Meter Tsunami 7.3 EQ Off Japanese Coast ; 53 After Schocks!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Theory as to why we are experiencing severe environmental change.

Oil is the earthís natural coolant.
Therefore, extraction of oil makes the earthís crust warmer.
Warmer earthís crust makes the oceans warmer.
Warmer oceans, causes severe hurricanes/cyclones, and thunderstorms.

Oil is a substance that balances the earthís crust.
Extraction of oil makes the earthís crust unbalanced.
Unbalanced earthís crust causes severe earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanos.

Oil extraction is also the reason why earth is off it's orbit (whether NASA confirms it or not, we are. There is too much evidence).

STOP people from getting oil out of our planet. Oil is meant to stay underground. We simply do not need to extract oil, in order to survive. The indigenous populations the world over, survived without extracting oil. We CAN live without ruining the planet. If we continue extracting oil, we will have NO planet. Boycott all oil. Rise up and STOP them getting oil out of the earth. Itís time to forget about money and luxuries. Be virtuous. Do whatís right.

Please send this to all govts around the world as well as mainstream media. Also share this on Facebook, Twitter and other media outlets.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28246584

Are you fuckin' retarded?
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