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Message Subject 1 Meter Tsunami 7.3 EQ Off Japanese Coast ; 53 After Schocks!
Poster Handle Redpaw360
Post Content
Now if the pattern started to reverse in spiral form, I'd put down the wine and shit my drawers.
 Quoting: Redpaw360

lol yep

waiting on the next after shock... c if it does... that would be fucked up
 Quoting: Dr. Acula

I'm still reading from 5 pages back, is your animation up to date?, I'm curious to see if there was a pattern.
 Quoting: Redpaw360

As of now the animation isnt up to date

I will be some time before I am able to update it

Got this function I gotta attend...

But I will update the animation sometime tonight

...function just sounded more mysterious and cool than Grocery store haha

I Just looked at the quakes... the really isnt a pattern like before.

I'll throw one together some time later tonight

be cool everyone :)
 Quoting: Dr. Acula

Would like to see it, will be here. Thank you my friend.
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