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Message Subject 1 Meter Tsunami 7.3 EQ Off Japanese Coast ; 53 After Schocks!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
nobody cares I see......
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29269292

I do!! Do you understand what R-2 is saying?
 Quoting: Etta

About the show
[link to www.facebook.com (secure)]
I was only one year from the start of the delivery. I tried to launch FaceBook pages while now. (Although I do not know what should I use)
It is a test to try to deliver live images and audio AdobeAIR desktop app "nied4maps + MeSOAnySound" own.
You will be "under maintenance" Sometimes, I have no relation to the maintenance of strong-motion monitoring official.
- Often without necessarily being maintained even if they are really "under maintenance" or, PC delivery is down on its own.

★ unwanted sound better Sorry to trouble you, but to adjust the volume of the speakers, please mark this video screen is set to "0".
★ sound alarm is sounded to determine the color information from the monitor earthquake strong motion, it may be even tremors. Please acknowledge it.

Waveforms and black background image into strong motion observation network (family Giken proof) (K-NET, KiK-net) "Strong Motion Monitor" of four "Earthquake Observation Network Capital (MeSO-net)" in the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention display.
In addition, we will display the "Kael Watcher" in conjunction with "SignalNow Express" strategy, Inc..

- Monitor for Strong Motion (square frame) (July 2011)]
(More than 2 ~ 5gal ≒ yellow, ground acceleration: Acceleration 0.5 ~ 1gal ≒ over green surface) for the two points that I think "ground acceleration" and "ground acceleration" of strong-motion monitoring, the shaking is a little strong when it appeared, I was so boxed.
(I will not show because it is the point when you think more is out-organized shaking is coming) display up to five respectively.
Moreover, (the group number in the lower left) to display the color distribution of each four maps. In the range of values for hue, numbers such as "000-040" is displayed on the map how many points each hue range.
(May be less than the number of actual observed strictly on the map, so that the unit checked by 3pixel)
ground acceleration, j / s:: a / s surface seismic intensity, a / b: ground acceleration, j / b: seismic intensity is underground.

About the monitor alarm sound Strong (7/11/2011)]
If the condition becomes colored more than 20%, or more green points observed within the 15x15 pixels around the point that is the green or yellow is the center of the display frame above lasted for more than four seconds, Earthquake alarm will sound to determine the occurrence. Also displays the alert mark at the same time.
Please note that for example, when widespread strong shaking, but there are things that the alarm will sound intermittently for a long period of time.
Rather than by way of earthquake early warning, alarm sound, so this is what you are to judge from the number of strong-motion color on the monitor only, please refer to each institution, such as those of the actual earthquake information.

About the audio (2011/6/29 ~)]
Has put out a sine wave of 30Hz ~ 10kHz in proportion to the (absolute value) of the amplitude of the vibration waveform (Rch) Ibaraki (Lch) · Chiba (Center) · Tokyo MeSO-net.
Vibration data that is being supplied by MeSO-net is 20 seconds sample /, it is changing the pitch every 0.05 seconds.
The higher the sound is now shaking big lot.

About the graph of MeSO-net]
Graph Eventhough "14" factor drawing is the default for confusing shaking detailed in "14", here is "lower 11" upper graph is based on a state that increases the sensitivity slightly as "13".
The upper and lower graphs in time and amplitude the same data are displayed only different.
It is a unit of amplitude, especially since there is no notation on page Eventhough, this does not know what it's cm, width or shaking.
"In addition, Ibaraki" "Chiba" "Tokyo" in the upstream (left graph), "(junior high Yamanakako) Yamanashi Lake Yamanaka" "(Shonangakuen) Fujisawa, Kanagawa," "(Elementary School Bessho) Hachioji, Tokyo" Show (right graph) are.
(From HP was examined MeSO-net related code data capture additional observation point)
Location and each observation point
E139.76035 N35.71855: Yayoi Earthquake Research Institute (Tokyo)
E139.90047 N35.8136: High School bridle bridge Matsudo (Chiba)
E140.12936 N36.09506: Museum of History and Folklore (Ibaraki)

E139.395 N35.61356: Bessho Elementary School (Tokyo)
E139.47714 N35.32331: Shonangakuen (Kanagawa)
E138.85836 N35.39275: Yamanakako junior high (Yamanashi)
(More [link to wwwmeso.eri.u-tokyo.ac.jp]

· The delivery is completely unrelated to the personal / MeSO-net Engineering department proof.
In some cases a very high load on the PC for streaming, so quit without notice "test" only.

■ strong motion observation network (Engineering Department of proof) (K-NET, KiK-net) National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention
[link to www.kyoshin.bosai.go.jp]

■ capital seismic observation network Earthquake (MeSO-net) real-time
[link to wwwmeso.eri.u-tokyo.ac.jp]

Inc. ■ Strategy - SignalNow Express
[link to www.estrat.co.jp]

■ KaelWatcher
[link to garbera.my-sv.net]

■ watch the monitor thread KiK-net strong motion [] (Channel 2)
(Please look for temporal seismic bulletin board from the list) [link to hayabusa.2ch.net]

■ In addition to stand-alone version nied4maps, and homebrew
[link to tenkojpn.web.fc2.com]

■ twitter (myself: I do not tweet too much ...)
[link to www.twitter.com]

★ alarm sound becomes (more than about 1 intensity) during strong motion sensing, pay attention to volume.

★ who since August 2011, Ustream has become invisible, I've put together a way to deal with ↓. Please reference.
[link to tenkojpn.web.fc2.com]

About the chat] (2012/04/03)
I think as a measure against vandalism, and those who only want to set the login prospect is (sign-up) at 4/70 to be able to speak.
Sorry to trouble you, but the person who uses chat thank you free sign up.

About the Social Stream & Chat] (2012/03/21)
Place as a venue for "fellowship, social gatherings," literally, we posted real-time information about earthquakes and earthquake, as well as the social stream, please use with moderation and common sense.
Extortion of opinion writing lean or related unrelated to the program content delivery, the prophecy, prediction Personally, consecutive pitching, to others, slander, representation unpleasant other partition field selfish you are, if you continue may NG processing at its sole discretion without notice to me.
It does not matter who you are free to use the chat, as well as social, please use with moderation and common sense too.
(Chat is a back screen, it will write the partition table towards the social guidance to chat briefly and allowed)
※ This note may be appropriately changed.
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