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Message Subject 1 Meter Tsunami 7.3 EQ Off Japanese Coast ; 53 After Schocks!
Poster Handle Redpaw360
Post Content

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29269292

My comment on the 2nd video in the quote:

Why don't we all ( like anyone interested ) have a data center like this?. I'm pissed as three baked tits served on waffles that I or anyone here in the united states ( world for that matter ) doesn't have access like the Japanese do to technology like this.

My tax dollars pay for governments to set up and maintain this info, and I am only allowed to see Seismo charts with fucked up Microvolt settings that only qualified personnel can interpret. What the fuck is up with dat?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to hear the fucking chime and start pulling the Bug out bag and shotgun from the corner and get to safety.

Did you see how many damn sensors they have on that tiny little island?, you could see the waves travel, and what we have here in the divded states is a "subscribe to EQ alert" that doesn't even promote honesty in relaying the damn information above 4.5 for other countries, or scrubs entire data based on sheeple-istic morans collecting a paycheck from the government.

I'm so pissed, my cock thinks Im drinking gasoline.
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