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Message Subject Pearl Harbor: Roosevelt Knew
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The British Empire and the Japanese Empire started in the mid 1920's to divine a way to destroy the USA's Navy in the Pacific. Its in the history books of the 1920s and even 1930s.

The British Empire very shortly after WWII began a new project to once again seize China, and brought in Mao, at the same time using the former Japanese POW's in Vietnam to stir up the Vietnamese to where they too would want to join the communist block.

Bullocks on all of you that don't realize the #1 Enemy of the USA has been and is the British Empire.

The agents of the British Empire along with agents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabi had much to do with what happened in the USA on 9-11-2001.

The FRS was designed to get the people's of the USA to pay for all the adventures and misadventures of the British Empire starting with the very act of 1913 and the FRS and Income Taxes.

FDR was fully out to completely dismantle the British Empire..
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