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Message Subject Naughty Boy pulling down mom's skirt
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is the result of years of negotiating with children. That boy needed the shit smacked out of him 1950's style about 4 years ago. At this point his ego has been stroked to the point that it dominates his soul. This is the quintessence of entitlement. How do you think he will act when he is 16?
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I occasionally use the "mom voice" and the "mom staredown" on other people's kids. People think it is magic that I do nothing more than stand my ground and make the rules VERY VERY clear and kids get right in line and start behaving.

You CAN NOT negotiate with children and win. You tell them how to properly behave, and then reward them when they do a great job.

That kid needs a beating he'll never forget, old-school with a belt so that he can't sit down for a week. One time will do it. Then his mom needs to figure out who the fuck is in charge, because right now it is that kid.
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