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Subject IT just VANISHED!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Any ideas welcome, as I'm absolutely baffled. And here is my story:

I'm alone at home, working at computer. Feel hungry, go to the kitchen next room, get some chicken - leftover from yesterday's dinner, in a microwave-friendly plastic bowl. I put it into the microwave, set 3 min., go back to computer. Three minutes pass, the MW beeps (that's normal). I go back to the kitchen, and here the abnormality starts.
I open the MW - and it's totally empty! No meal, no bowl, nothing. Like a child, I close the door and open it again - hoping it reappears... I know, stupid. Still, the MW is empty. Just the distinctive flavour of my food in the oven, and some humidity in the air. Seems, the dish definitely was here and vanished perhaps on the very last moment.
I searched the kitchen, then other rooms. This happened two days ago. The meal or the bowl did not resurface this far. I don't know what else to say, I was alone at home, doors locked, bars on all windows (we are in South Africa). I don't smoke nor abuse any substances, no brain damages, no sunstrokes, never had a hallucination... everything else was very normal. I had to cook myself another food, luckily it did not disappear... :)
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