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Message Subject IT just VANISHED!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Similar story.. Couple weeks ago, had a few friends over for drinks.. Drank a few beers, few shots and just were shootin the breeze.. There was an unwanted shot of whiskey Id thrown in the fridge for a later night cap.. Well, all was well until last night.. The shot was on the top shelf along side a half empty cube of canned beer, upside down??? Simple right? Someone drank the shot and replaced the shot glass upside down.. So, I grab it to throw in the wash.. This is where it gets weird.. The shot glass, upside down, is stuck to the shelf.. As I free it, the whiskey contents, a whole shot, dumps all about the fridge...
Now, riddle me this? How, in a locked empty house, does a full shot glass get upside down with out spilling the contents??? Perplexed..
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