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Help Identifying Federal Lapel Pins

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United States
12/07/2012 05:21 PM
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Help Identifying Federal Lapel Pins

I have been around a lot of dissident activity across many states, and the typical pattern is: local law enforcement deals with the crowd and disorder control, while sneaky "secret" feds are dispersed at random spots, apparently just hanging out.

Two pins I see often are of a green rectangle with a horizontal black stripe in the middle and a diagonal gold stripe going across from one corner to another. I have reason to believe this might actually be NYPD. The other is a red circular badge with a golden federal seal in the middle. A similar badge is rectangular divided horizontally into two squares. The right square is solid red and the other has a federal seal.

Does anyone know a good website that has photos of these sorts of pins; google searches for "federal pins" only bring the obvious results. How can I identify the more obscure pins and symbols the spooks wear? How have you IDed the feds before?