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Message Subject What is the Worst State(s) to be in When TSHTF?
Poster Handle Burt Gummer
Post Content

That entirely depends on what kind of SHTF doom it is.

There is no ONE single answer.
 Quoting: Burt Gummer

I would think you'd want to get as far away from other people as possible. Places where the masses aren't going to be migrating to. I think this would apply to most every doom scenario.
 Quoting: Uke

Not true.

In some scenarios, small communities of people sharing resources, and having specialized tasks within those communities, will be much stronger than one (or one family) going it alone.
 Quoting: Burt Gummer

I disagree, too many "small communities" in one area or region could spell trouble -either between community members, or raids by the Feds (or the UN troops, or whoever thinks their in charge)
 Quoting: Uke

You are talking an UBER MAD MAX scenario.....which is HIGHLY improbable.
AND... still in that case.....safety is in communities and numbers for defensive...and offensive reasons.
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