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Message Subject What is the Worst State(s) to be in When TSHTF?
Poster Handle IRQ_1
Post Content

Then again, being in Tennessee is SH1T anytime, anyway.

Incredibly, at the age of 52, I have never, ever, encountered a person from Tennessee who is not an uneducated, aggressive primadonna punk.

And the idea of being there when civilization collapses is truly, truly scary.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29278610

You obviously don't surround yourself with the proper folks. Maybe, just maybe, you're not quite as smart as you think.

Tennessee will be one of the best states in the country if you are a patriot that believes in freedom. If not, you may want to move now.
 Quoting: SaveUSa

I think AC8610 lives in the wrong areas of said State.
 Quoting: IRQ_1

... or they are just another bigotted yankee who came here to escape the economic disaster of their home state without ever realizing what insulting assholes they are outside of their self destructive condescendingly rude culture.
 Quoting: Resister

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