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Message Subject What is the Worst State(s) to be in When TSHTF?
Poster Handle Eggcellent
Post Content
What state or states do folks deem the worst to be in and why...?
 Quoting: Uke

That entirely depends on what kind of SHTF doom it is.

There is no ONE single answer.
 Quoting: Burt Gummer

My thoughts exactly

Time of year, too. Something that knocks out the power grid is going to be very hard on Northern states in the winter, but the summer would be a really bad time to be in a desert.

There are also going to be parts of less-safe states that are safer than parts of "safe" states. There are more rural areas of California that are GREAT for survival, with a reasonably temperate climate year round, meaning little temperature-related survival stress and a long growing season. I'd much rather be in far Northern California, say 20 miles inland to avoid the tsuami risk, than in Wyoming. But within reasonable walking distance of LA is probably a bad idea.
 Quoting: AlkaliDesert

Agreed. Anything south of The Grapevine is essentially a desert which depends on artificially conducted water. They even tried to steal our water from the Columbia River, and they take a lot of water and electricity from Arizona. If TSHTF, people will run out of water before they run out of food. It DOES rain in SoCal, but the rain is undependable and apt to come down all at once (creating flash floods) and then nothing for a long time. And every year we see the hills catching on fire. Plus it's "earthquake central".

Besides, according to a lot of posters here, it won't BE there anymore!
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