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Message Subject What is the Worst State(s) to be in When TSHTF?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

But common sense dictates that some places are far better than others.

Since I am not on Uranus, I DO care which areas are safer than others.

And this whole Tsunami paranoia has gotten ridiculous. You don't have to live far away from the coast, to be safe from Tsunamis. I live 10 minutes from the Pacific, and I am out of the Tsunami zone.

That is, unless an large asteroid or meteor hits the Pacific. And if THAT happens, I'd actually rather be right on the beach.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29307010

Yes you ARE an my anus!LOL

My point was that every place has some sort of bad reason to be there, both natural and big gov related.

No place is better than others. have faith in yourself and not a location. Whatever hits the fan be ready to run, help out or enjoy the last act.

If you did manage to pick a safe place, you'll never escape the refugees. If the gov survives, there will be displacements, and the golden horde won't necessarily need to be on foot. Remember, all the fema camps are supposedely set up near rail lines.

Maybe the best way out is to stay mobile?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27815245

I find that statement to be patently absurd.

I never claimed that any one place was "perfectly safe". But to say that no place is better than others is... well... I don't want to offend you, so I won't say it.

And as far as "staying mobile" being the best bet for survival? I couldn't disagree more. Going mobile AT ALL, is a last resort.

Far wiser to find the safest area you can, and dig in with like-minded individuals. Far easier to DEFEND a well-prepared place, than go traipsing across country, running into one well defended area after another.

Good recipe for a quick death.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29307010

If it's a localised event then you need to get away, if it's a world wide catastrophe then no prep will help.

And I didn't say "go mobile" I said stay mobile. The leg work time is now, and having many options is always better than preparing for one option.

Coming across many well defended areas is no problem if you already know the defenders. It's not impossible to know someone in every neck of the woods, at least on the smart side of the mississippi. Look at the night time pics of the united states and go to the dark side.

It also helps to be in a touring band. Lotsa friends in low places!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27815245

LOL... OK. Now I realize that I am dealing with someone who is either:

1) Really deluded

2) A shill, intentionally offering some REALLY ridiculous advice to people.

3) Suicidal

Quote: "having many options is always better than preparing for one option."

First off, I never said that going mobile wasn't an option. I simply said that it is a last resort. That is, unless you are someone who has NOT done any preparation in ADVANCE. Then it may be your ONLY option.

Quote: "It's not impossible to know someone in every neck of the woods, at least on the smart side of the mississippi."

Very impractical, to say the least. You honestly think it's possible to know someone in "every neck of the woods"? And if so, do you REALLY think that they will welcome you with open arms, in a situation of dwindling supplies, marauders, and high suspicion?

You could very well get there, and end up being SHOT by the person that you thought you "knew" in that neck of the woods.

Quote: "It also helps to be in a touring band. Lotsa friends in low places!"

LOL... Yeah... I think it's a GREAT idea to place your trust those types of people. Everyone KNOWS that musicians have the highest morals around. Especially when they are hungry.

And yeah... Casual acquaintances are the PERFECT choice to trust your life with, when you come in all haggard, hungry, and worn out, and say... "Hey dude! remember me?"

Anyhooo... You go right ahead and do things however you want, bud. If anything you were good for a few laughs, but I'm done. There's a lot of sensible people I could be chatting with on this thread, instead of spinning my wheels, with a suicide case.

But hey... Good luck to ya, and tell the boys in the band I said hello, from Uranus.
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