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Message Subject What is the Worst State(s) to be in When TSHTF?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
First it depends on the scenario....

If its a Tsunami then stay away from coastlines and try to be at least 1000 feet in altitude. Which is like Appalachian Mountains and out west.

If its a terrorist event either biological or nuclear, then stay away from big cities and nuclear plants. Also keep in mind wind direction. 40 - 60 miles away from a nuke plant should be sufficient. With biological stay indoors and away from people and block vents, windows, and doors.

WW3 event. Stay away from big cities, military bases, and nuclear silos and launch facilities. Typical 40Meg - 60Meg blasts have an oval type of fallout depending on wind direction. Staying 90 degrees from the wind direction and 60 miles out you should be safe, otherwise at least 250 miles from the epicenter for a 0 degree - 30 degree wind direction.
Look at existing weather patterns. Fallout in the form of rain will occur in many Northern states. Best to be in Southern states where wind direction is mainly from the South most of the year with just an occasional chance of a Northern cold front to bring in rain and fallout. Best to have well water and not rely on rain. Even pond water would be safe, since the fallout would sink to the bottom. Just don't eat the fish...lol.

Carrington Event or HEMP Event. Stay away from cities and live rural.

Yellowstone Eruption, stay 1000 miles away.

9.0+ Major Earthquakes, stay out of California and the New Madrid area.

So that narrows down the places not to be in....

I'm in Eastern Oklahoma in a rural setting and I think this area is fairly safe. Also the Tornado Shelters make excellent fallout shelters....
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