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Message Subject What is the Worst State(s) to be in When TSHTF?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Its going to be bad anywhere in this country during a SHTF scenario. Why? Because of the mentality that people have. I lived in Japan for a few years before and after I woke up and I never worried about people fighting to the death over food and water. It just wont happen there. They will sit down and die without a thought of hurting another person to take care of themselves. Obviously there will always be a few bad apples but my guess is 99% will go peacefully.

Over here? Oh geez. Metropolitan cities and the outlying areas will be the worst places in the world. Pray you live on a coast and a tidal wave takes you out quickly. But regardless, don't give in to the kind of selfish thought processes. Prepare your mind now to act as unselfishly as possible and be a good example in the worst of times. Help out women and children and give everything you have to others. You can believe that there is a reward waiting for you if you do.

Nobody here thinks this is a test? The ultimate test?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29317796

Re the Japanese, I've heard most positive things about how they handled themselves in villages during WW2. There was little theft, I guess from social pressure. Today is another story entirely since the folks of that time actually grew food. They are known to be scupulously honest about a found wallet, and I'd imagine that things may be better in some ways, but there's no getting around the incredibly dense population and lack of drinking water with no utilities. Fukushima made the whole nation poisoned, and that's the worst aspect of being there.

The Amish and the Mennonites live all over the place, even in places like Mexico. Check your state, and I'll bet there are some somewhere less than two hours from you. Since they won't and don't protect themselves now, they have people steal from them, and only if county sheriffs are vigilant are they protected at all. They won't sue people in court either, so they really will be preyed upon.

They're not welcoming to strangers, though of course many work by carpentry in people's homes under contract. They prefer to live apart (Romans 12:2), and a flood into their regions is to be expected and no doubt will cause violence, mostly to them as they have farms and livestock in isolated areas.
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