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Message Subject What is the Worst State(s) to be in When TSHTF?
Poster Handle January Wolves
Post Content
I would be willing to bet that there is more canned and dried food in a populated area than there are crops ready to eat in any rural are. I think it would be easier to find food where food is stored than where food is grown.

Check food prices urban vs. rural and you'll see what I mean.

For a while after the event, then all bets are off.

AS for urban gardening, I see more successful gardens in urban areas than I see in rural.

The only real way to know is to drill. Cut yourself off from any sort of supply or aid and see how long you last. You'll get better everytime. You don't want to try it for the first time in a real event.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27815245

You make some very good points.

Drills to test your skills is a very good idea. My husband and I actually did this for six weeks as an experiment (lived rural anyway) with no electricity, running water, power tools, etc. We had both accumulated a lot of comp & vacation time so instead of a vacation to somewhere else we decided to try this.

It was actually fun except for the outdoor shower he rigged up. Luckily it was summertime. We also lived near a large creek.

We both learned but the best thing was that we ended up with a long list of must haves that we hadn't stocked up on that we wouldn't have had in a real scenario unless we had tried this.

It's a good idea to try this even if it's only for a week or even a week-end. It becomes clear early on what you forgot in your supplies.
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