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Message Subject BREAKING: Approaching Unidentified Object! December 7, 2012 STAY TUNED!
Poster Handle The 6th Sun
Post Content
I am thinking this is nothing new.

In 2007 the NASA Behind H12 had a different view. It appears that later they added filters that shows a "tail" in the video.

What is the Triangular shaped Structure in STEREO Behind HI2?

Triangular shaped object in STEREO data explained

Some people have noticed a strange triangular or diamond-shape "object" entering the field-of-view of the HI2 telescope on STEREO Behind around December 26, 2011. You can see the feature in question in this movie moving from right-to-left, just above the trapezoidal occulter on the right side of the image, and more clearly in this close-up movie . What is this?

The answer lies on the exact opposite side of the image. At the same time as this strange-looking feature starts being visible, the very bright planet Venus enters the HI2-B field-of-view from the lower left. Notice that Venus and the feature stay in step almost exactly opposite each other across the middle of the detector. This is not a coincidence. The strange looking geometrical "object" is actually an internal reflection of the planet Venus within the telescope optics. This effect has been seen many times before. Here's a particularly striking example of internal reflections caused by the planet Earth as seen early in the STEREO mission, taken from our image artifacts pages. <snip>
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