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Message Subject BREAKING: Approaching Unidentified Object! December 7, 2012 STAY TUNED!
Poster Handle novamom
Post Content
I sent this to Dr. Astro a couple of hours ago...hopefully he will shed some light as this comet does not seem to follow the Kreutz Group trajectory and looks to be coming on plane with Earth.
 Quoting: 2cents

Looks like, it's headed strait for us and is considerable larger than Earth. Is that video sped up for dramatic purpose or is it actually moving like a bat out of hell?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5648569

WTF!?!? are you serious or kidding? I looked at the stuff posted but like others said cant figure out what the hell I'm looking at that could be a block of cheese for all I'm concerned. I really hope you are joking :-/
 Quoting: _Obsidian_

At least you saw a block of cheese in that video, because it looked like a female egg to me.. I was waiting to see sperm being injected into it.

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