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Message Subject BREAKING: Approaching Unidentified Object! December 7, 2012 STAY TUNED!
Poster Handle _Obsidian_
Post Content
I know I keep asking questions. But, unfortunately I have nothing to add except 2 things that may or may not be relevant. Did any of you guys know about the black box in the sky watching programs where there was an obvious big black box in google maps at 5h 53m 27s -6 10' 58".

Also, last year I saw an object rise above the sun in April till it was so bright I couldn't see it anymore. It looked like a penny above a grapefruit and it was yellowish orange.The sky was very clear here mind you no clouds and no chem trails for once. I didn't see it again. No I was not on drugs. No I was not half asleep and no I'm not crazy well that crazy anyways lmfao

Ohhh just remembered a 3rd thing 3 years ago I had a dream that they said on the news that it was the end of the world and not to go outside. I did anyways of course dohh!! so it was an eerie lavender outside as if our atmosphere was denser. I saw a bunch of planets nearby closer than the moon it was like a strange new age painting.

Well hope we all figure out whats going on and REALLY I hope like all hell its nothing.

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