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What would you GLPers say if I said...........

Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/07/2012 07:26 PM
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What would you GLPers say if I said...........
that the results of gun powder residue are now known in the city of Cleveland, but they are not going public for a few more days. This is involving the Cleveland Police Department shooting last Thursday were 13 officers emptied 137 rounds out of their pistols.

I want the GLP opinion Please.

Here's mine....They found that there was no residue on the dead parties hands, and or any part of them or their vehicle. It being Friday today, and knowing these results could start some tension in the streets over the weekend, I'm thinking they are going to release the info say Tuesday in the middle of the week. If they did find residue, wouldn't you think they'd want to go public ASAP to put pressure off the police force?

what say GLP?