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Message Subject China to make Another Ghost City? Will Bulldoze 700 Mountains for it!
Poster Handle BadHairDay
Post Content
Thanks OP, I am interested in these developments too.

If one were able to follow a money trail, it would be an easier task to see whether they are Chinese internal developments, or being requested by foreigners.

If you look at wealthy nations, that should have a healthy economy, but for some inexplicable reason, are failing, or struggling, then maybe that provides a clue.

Personally, I am focussing on Japan.

The more I look at what is happening with Japan, the more I think they are about to provide a 'sacrifice' of massive proportions, that will in some way help the rest of the world.

Currently, they are drilling the deepest holes in the world, just of their coastline. I think this fits in, as does Fukushima, and just about every other created disaster that seems to be popping up.

I think the whole country is about to dissappear beneath the waves, as prophesised by Edgar Cayce. But it wont be instant, they will ahve time to get people out.

These people will need places to live.
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