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Message Subject China to make Another Ghost City? Will Bulldoze 700 Mountains for it!
Poster Handle AC
Post Content
good post OP

this is odd, considering the other cities they have built remain empty as shown in the pictures.

grass growing now,earth has begun to take over again.

but the areas where they have all those sky scrapper towers apartment(jail cell)style , no condo living that's for sure.
i'll bet the farm on that.

those are concerning
 Quoting: anti-agenda21

Most people dont have a grasp of what 1.4 Bilion people actually means.

Ghost cities? Get real.

Those are all failed projects. And outright wrong choices made. As simple as that. no sinister thoughts whatsoever.

Big company plans to build 200.000 workforce factory, government supports the idea. builds city and the deal fell through.. so the city remains empty.

I guess when you are sitting in a trailer park in the USA and you listen to FOX, spend too much time taking GLP seriously then yes... you may start to think there is a plot in there somewhere.

But there is not.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28709937


How much communist party pay you per post?
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