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Message Subject China to make Another Ghost City? Will Bulldoze 700 Mountains for it!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have a couple theories about the Chinese ghost cities. One, the Chinese government is well aware that they need to keep their population employed, to the greatest extent possible, and having work crews constantly engaged in massive building projects certainly helps in that regard. Second, the Chinese are doing everything in their power to convert their soon-to-be-worthless U.S. dollars to something of tangible value. To that end, the Chinese government is buying up all manner of natural resources all over the world, to try to put as many dollars to work as possible before the dollar curtain falls. Converting those dollars into buildings seems another shrewd use of those paper funds. The Chinese ain't stupid, folks. They're planning for the future, something that few other countries are doing. As Doug Casey has said repeatedly, within a generation, Europe will be no more than a source of maids and houseboys for wealthy Chinese.

"It is best to let her sleep, for when she awakes, the world will tremble." --Napoleon, describing the future of China
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