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Message Subject Anyone else happy being single with no plans to have kids or get married?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm 45. I always knew I wasn't going to have kids, even when I was still just a kid, myself. I didn't even like baby dolls when I was little.

And while I've had a few good relationships that lasted 3-5 years each, and I've remained friends with nearly all my exes, I've never lived with anyone (well, okay, except that one time, but it only lasted four months before I was outta there) and never wanted to marry.

I don't dislike people, but I prefer to spend my time alone. Despite older relatives' threats of lonely, forgotten doom when I was younger, I have no regrets at never marrying or having kids. I now have a little nephew, and another niece/nephew on the way next summer, and while I would have made an absolutely terrible mother I make a great crazy auntie via Skype.

I've always had animals in my life, however. Currently, I have eight cats of my own and foster two others for the humane society. I'd make a crap dog owner for some of the same reasons I'm not mommy material, so I get my doggy fix by volunteering to walk them at the humane society one morning a week. The rest of the time I have books, travel, my artwork, and plenty of good friends, and I don't feel I need any more than that.
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