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Subject 2005 Insider: Is anybody here free of all Attachments?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Is anybody here unattached to most everything, if not everything, in this life?

I'm not just talking about material things or even the opposite sex. I'm also including emotions, idols (scientists, figures, authors, friends, family, etc), etc.

This relates to what 2005 Insider has talked about.

Personally, I am possibly attached to living healthy and developing my higher brain centers/etheric bodies. But I'm following a program of eating a certain way, taking very particular supplements, and other things requiring that big guy "money".

But Insider says we only need to work 2 hours a day which is enough for food/shelter/clothing and that the rest of the time should be devoted to exploring ourselves and being free of all attachments. I resonate with this, however, I also have an attachment of fear of what if he's wrong and I lose my job making all the money I spend on developing myself with supplements and detoxification procedures, etc.

Maybe I'm thinking too mechanically as Insider states he thinks abstractly.

Any experience from anyone here with this?
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