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Message Subject 2005 Insider: Is anybody here free of all Attachments?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I had lost a good teaching job, and had a small photography business as well a couple years ago. There is a fair amount of gear, equipment, and stuff that I needed for decent sized production commercial shoots. I can safely say I was very attached to it all. Not to mention the attachment to my studio loft, the location, the money, the exposure, and the experiences. When it was gone, I was devastated. It took the past three years of constant mourning having to sell piece, by piece, by pice to realize a great deal: the one thing I am most attached to I can't get rid of: my love of experiences.

I sold 80% of the gear, strobes, computers, printers etc etc. I moved across the country to a cheaper area, but is still a very self sustaining mixed metro and rural area, and live on very litte "stuff". I am actually happier, as I am enjoying the things I experience more, the people I meet more, and the photography I make I think is the best I have ever done.

Now, I am still attached to my camera: but I learned I can use a very cheap camera just as effectively. I am still attached to my FJ cruiser, but I am also very healthy and have a great city to explore by bike. Oh, and I am pretty attached to my iPad and iPhone...and they help me stay connected to you all!!

It's a new way of thinking and even believing In a way of living for most of us raised in the 80s, but recessions are great for resetting everyone into reality. I like that, and even feel proud sometimes.

This was all for my own edification, and my way of saying " I learned, and thanks for supporting me, even when times were pretty freaking desperate".

Thanks for the reminder of that by posting the "bump".

Happy Holidays
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