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Subject Nibiru 2012 - PROOF THAT NIBIRU EXISTS
Poster Handle Sexy Rexy
Post Content
Hi Darlings! This guy claims proof for the existence of Nibiru/PlanitX.

He left a short message accompanying his video -

Published on Dec 7, 2012
Proof that Nibiru exist - (FUCK NASA) , In past science wasn't so highly classified like now
Planet X References Found In Popular Science Magazines of the Past , FOr all the idiots who is saying this is fake can go suck a dick , I do not give a fuck what fucktards says like this is fake oh you just tripping , fuck you asshole , You can deny the fact now but at the end It will show up .

SO yeah whatever I dont care if you dislike this video i wouldnt care less so before you say some stupid shit do some fucking research @idiots who says nibiru is fake , If you like it i will respect you for not being an idiot like rest of fucks out there.

And don't believe whatever YOur television says . it's all corrupted and owned by Government , this video might be taken down But i do not care I just wanna show the truth to the whole world . BE SMART , DONT BE RETARD

[link to www.youtube.com]

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