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Message Subject Nibiru 2012 - PROOF THAT NIBIRU EXISTS
Poster Handle SolarSystemReport_com
Post Content
How stupid can the population be?

If your neighbor worked for the government, sped up to his house, grabbed his family and threw suitcases in the car and peeled off, any sane person would say "that SOB knows something I don't know"

Yet, even after the government spends hundreds of billions from the black budget building huge underground cities in Colorado, Arkansas and Missouri, even after an entire airport roof in Denver is made of bullet proof kevlar, even after governments all around the world rush to store supplies, treasures and seeds, the American public just sits there popping Prozac and Ritalin, believing Obama will save them from everything.

China has 3 ghost cities, unoccupied but fully maintained, above 4,300ft. Russia has over 5,000 underground cities now, everybody else in the world is preparing for something.

A planet? An asteroid? A solar flare? A pole shift? Who the hell knows, but SOMETHING is going to happen within the next 2 years, hold on to your asses.
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