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Message Subject Have you had the flu this season?
Poster Handle wesang
Post Content
Everywhere I look or go, people seem to have it! It's all over my neighborhood, my kids friends are bringing it over here when they come to play, people are hacking away and sneezing at the stores. I've also noticed several people with sores around their mouths- I'm not one to be too paranoid about things like this, but I have to say I'm a little freaked out by it. I take 2000 mg. of lypo-spheric vitamin C and 50 mg. of Iodine each day, plus I don't get the flu vaccine and my kids don't go to public school-aka, the petri dish. I'd be very happy if we're able to avoid it this year (and every year for that matter).
OP, I'm sending healthy vibes your way- sucks to be sick and I hope you feel better soon. In the past when I would get sick, chicken flavored Ramen noodles with tons of cayenne pepper sprinkled on them (drink the liquid also) has always helped me recover.
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