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Message Subject US nuclear test condemned by Iran, Japan
Poster Handle MarkinAZ
Post Content
Iran of course is going to bitch! We've sanctioned them to hell for the past two or three years and it's almost come to combat more than once. The friggin' "radical Muslim" government in Iran is trying desperately to build their own nuclear bomb which they will then threaten to use, or even actually go so far as to use on Israel. Israel will retaliate and Iran will be a pile of mostly smoking rubble for 50 years or so. Of course Russia and the US and the UK and France and Germany all will get into the fray and welcome to WWIII.

As for Japan - after their lies and bullshit with Fukishama and the GROSS and BLATANT mismanaging of that meltdown, lying to the world about it, and still poising the sea and air to this day - while they wring their hands, tell face-saving lies, and do nothing but issue occasional statements that say nothing and are virtually meaningless. Those are called "news updates" to the press, btw.

Of course with the frequent quakes there in Northern Japan, maybe the damned nuclear nightmare-from-hell will get dumped into the deep ocean trench that runs beside Japan's eastern coast.

As much as I dislike nuclear weapons and hate to think they're being tested on US Soil... if it made Iran and Japan a little nervous - then it may well have served it's intended purpose(s).
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