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Message Subject US nuclear test condemned by Iran, Japan
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Maybe this was a Pearl Harbor Day joke?

The nuclear threat is real, and the systems in place for starting a nuclear war put a huge responsibility in the hands of people we don't fully know or trust.

Since there is no immediate threat of full-out war, if we believe the government, we have an opportunity to discuss the issue reasonably.

The danger of nuclear war is, very realistically, the total destruction of the advanced civilization that we cherish. Love it or hate it, "modern life" sustains us (you are reading this on a computer!) and will disappear completely if that button gets pushed.

I dearly hope that the leaders of the world can abandon evil intentions, that they will resolve to do good and to work together, to eliminate the possibility that we should ever ruin mankind with these terrific weapons.
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