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Message Subject Anyone else grow up without their faither?
Poster Handle Mamalooney
Post Content
Do you mean "father"?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17849756

My dad died when I was one. Mom never remarried and had nothing good to say about him. Growing up I had only bad experiences with men. As a child I always seemed the kid that child abusers found. From strangers on the street to leaders of camps.

Made me into a very angry teenager. The things I did to piss people off....! And her. I also was tremendously egoistic as a teen. Always after my own pleasure and trying out boyfriends left, right, front and center.

It took me up to thirty untill I found myself healing. So I guess you can say that not having a dad growing up left me very unstable and wounded in my soul. For me I mosly missed the protection and somebody who will stand up for you.

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