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Message Subject Anyone else grow up without their faither?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Over 70% of divorces and seperations are initiated by the mother.

Many fathers are not allowed to be a father, only a part time parent and generally a misundertood one at that.

Men feel much more deeply about their children than they are given credit for. In many cases the seperation emotionally damages the man.

To the point were sometimes they think the kids would be better off without them and many during the times they do see the childrn have trouble always having to say ggodbye over and over.

For many men it is to much.

As you get older think about what your fathers went through. Most men do not have kids if they dont want them. In most cases the men would have preferred to have been there. But, alas, sadly women make this almost impossible. With the help of the courts they generally suck every penny out of him, and use him up completley emotionally and financialy for the womens benefit.

Men go through a hell most children never understand until very late in life.

The facts are in, most men do not leave, they are forced out and destroyed. It is no wonder many just simply find a hole to crawl into and disappear.
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