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Message Subject If you "come to know Jesus" can you ever fight in another war ever again ?
Poster Handle Morganite
Post Content

The Romans were not Christians. The apostles left any position they held with Rome when they followed Jesus.

No, we cannot fight wars since this ol' world Gov is ran by & for Satan, and is contrary to us.
 Quoting: Morganite

The Roman centurian in Luke 7 was indeed a God fearing man and Jesus said he hadn't seen such great faith in any one else.

The Roman Soldier at the cross became saved as seen by his confession that 'This man is the Son of God'.

None of the apostles worked for Rome as soldiers prior to following Jesus... most were fisherman, one a tax collector, I think Luke was a physician.

No where is anyone commanded to leave their job as soldiers to be saved.
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