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Subject Preppers, Doomtards & co., can't u see this?!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If SHTF and there is no power/fuel or no one to maintain currently active nuclear power plants (and there are hundreds of them spread across the US, specially along the east coast) most of them would go into meltdown fairly quickly. No one EVER mentions this in ANY of their doom to be scenarios. I specially love how it is a non issue in stupid shows like Revolution or even Jericho if I remember correctly. It does not matter how sheltered, fed or hydrated you are if you have dozens of nuclear power plants melting down all around you, so if you are ignorant enough to be wishing for any doom/collapse than I guess I have nothing else to say you except that I hope you enjoy the nuclear cluster fuck any scenario would bring. So I plead that you do not fall victim to the "doom programming" and realize the best thing is to help transform the world, not simply let it go to shit, that is a non-choice.
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