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Message Subject Preppers, Doomtards & co., can't u see this?!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Like Jenner Said in Breaking Bad.

"The Wold runs on Fossil fuel, How stupid is that ?"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15740069

The world runs on
1) Petrol,
2) Nuclear,
3) Coal,
4) Natural Gas (now brought o you via Fracking/Raping the Earth),

how fucked up is that when we can run on

1) Bio-diesel (via inexpensive and highly efficient plankton farms using CO2 emissions from factories anywhere in the world)
2) Thorium (inexpensive, abundant and does not melt down and is extremely minimally radioactive in a worst case scenario)
3) Solar (German Sola Power plants equal 20 nuclear plants at full capacity)
4) Wind or Tidal or Geo-Thermo or Tesla Tech or Magnetic Motors or Hydrolysis motors etc etc etc...

it doesn't matter which, the point is WE DO NOT HAVE TO but we do because we believe we do and allow ourselves to serve the economic interests in the world and not Humanity & Earth's interests.

SO now, we have ALREADY cornered ourselves going back to the original point in the thread, so it is too late in a SHTF scenario.

By the way, just so you know they knew of Thorium as a fuel for nuclear power plants since the beginning but ELECTED to go uranium then plutonium BECAUSE those would give off material for nuclear BOMBS. Wrap your head around THAT.
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