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Message Subject 15.6 magnitude quake strikes DETROIT!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
this is just a sample of recent useless threads
Thread: Hagel and Valugua: 9.8 mag EQ to destroy Japan within 72 hours!

Thread: 8.9 EQ coming to india

and another one just popped up minutes ago

Thread: 9.8 Earthquake for the San Andreas Fault Line!

who actually believes this crap n why do these threads keep showing up?
 Quoting: mrmuffins69

These quakes got "predicted" a lot of times here on GLP, 99.9% of the time these people are just wrong. Most funny thing is when someone is lucky and a quake actually happens that person will be seen like some kind of hero, while actually he just had a lucky guess.
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