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Subject Ya know what if those chinese gh0zt cities are for .....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've been wondering why . Im sure as established as china is the elites in that country already have their spots , bunkers ect ect .

The I wonder why is obama detonating his own country. I mean testing nukes. Uhmmm paying china to take GM . DOJ gun running. Brazen attacks on countries not threat to the US.

What is obama made a deal with china to stifle domestic manufacturing , provoke a serious crippling attack on the US. Monetary as well as signifigant infrastructural something or other. Domestic chaos . While still getting the sheep to buy all the chinese junk they can in the lead up to the TRUE collapse.

Ready for the kicker? In exchange for the US elites own cities for them their families and their slaves to run the cities far away from the reprisal of US citizens.

I mean think about it . How many times have you people said to yourself . " Why is this guy appearing to want to destroy his own country? He does have to live here at the end of the day.... " Well , Does he? Have to live here? What if he gave the goahead for some kind of end move for the US in exchange for china russia getting a piece of whatevers left .

It would make sense why he seems not to care and why he's doing things that are clearly going to get the rest of the world to wish the US would just dissapear. No? I mean who on earth would really care if this was the case? Everyone would just be happy the US empire was gone off the world stage.
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