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Message Subject BREAKING! Large fireball reported over San Diego California 5 minutes ago- 10PM PST
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi I live in San Diego and saw this fireball. I've been searching for other witnesses or reports for a couple days now to no avail. Just found this thread via google a few minutes ago though. I actually just posted on another message board about it, and I'm lazy, so C&P it is!

"I was surprised to hear about this Texas fireball.

I live in San Diego, CA... This past Friday night (December 7) I was walking home from work. At approximately 9:20, I noticed a huge flash in the clouds and glanced up RIGHT in time to see the biggest "shooting star" I've ever seen in my life. I can't be sure of the size or actual distance, but it was in the Earth's atmosphere. I wanna say it was the size of a car, but again I can't be sure. In those 2 seconds, it sparkled a few different colors, shot quite a distance, and fizzed out. I was terrified. I've never seen a legitimate meteor like that, let alone that close. My dramatic self instantly thought, 'Oh my God, this is it' and my heart was jerking like crazy but then obviously nothing happened. I was terrified. I thought we were all about to die! I was so freaked out I immediately dialed my pops after, hands shaking and everything.

Anyway, then I immediately googled "San Diego December 7 meteorite" but haven't found any results nor heard anyone else talk about it! Upon googling meteor sightings is when I stumbled across the report of the Texas fireball. Such a bizarre coincidence; I myself never having seen something like that, and then I come across the Texas fireball in the news. Obviously not the same one, since the Texas one was way before. It got me thinking, what if shit like this becomes more frequent, and they're bigger, and actually start hitting Earth?"

I've posted about it on Facebook too and have not encountered a single person who saw what I saw.
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