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Message Subject BREAKING! Large fireball reported over San Diego California 5 minutes ago- 10PM PST
Poster Handle Esco Ginger
Post Content
I live in Escondido and saw this as well. It fell between Orion and Jupiter and flashed green, white, and yellow on entry. I've been looking high and low for any information regarding this and haven't found a single site talking about it, save for here. I know a few other people that saw it, including my gf who was with me at the time.

I was fortunate enough to be in a relatively dark area and saw a couple shooting stars follow it along a similar trajectory. While I was, uh, relieving myself in the bushes my gf said she saw another one that wasn't moving as fast and didn't have a tail. To be fair, she doesn't know much about the sky and it could have been a satellite.

Absolutely NO information is being released about this and it's got me on edge.
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