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Subject I've been a near-daily meth user for over three years now
Poster Handle Speedfreak
Post Content
And I just realized, after stumbling upon a "meth cures flu" headline, that I haven't caught a cold during this whole time myself!

[link to www.huffingtonpost.com] (sorry if this was already posted not long ago)

Now before you bring out the "faces of meth" mugshots, I'd like to mention that I still have all my teeth/hair/nails (teeth are better than ever in fact thanks to brushing w/baking soda!) and I truly do believe there's something to the science behind this (important to note that the findings seem to show the drug actually inhibits the flu virus instead of just masking the symptoms once already infected like current OTC's). The intermittent fasting that comes from its appetite-supressing effect may also have some benefit to the body (granted you don't live in mountain dew and cheez-its).

BTW, I've just been eating my meth and have never thought of injecting or smoking it (I've done some lines on a handful of "special occasions", though...

Can anyone else relate to this somehow? (those of you with an Adderal/Vyvanse/Dex prescriptions, also)
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